Loa Capitol Heresy III

Thương hiệu: Klipsch | Trong kho: Còn hàng
Tình Trạng: Mới 100% | Bảo hành : 12 Tháng
54.000.000₫ 60.000.000₫
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Klipsch và Capitol Records®, hai "tiếng nói" mang tính biểu tượng, đã có sản phẩm chung, kỷ niệm hơn bảy thập kỷ mang âm thanh đến với cuộc sống, hợp tác để tôn vinh những vai trò không thể thiếu trong việc định hình cuộc sống của chúng ta. Capitol Heresy III, 3 đường tiếng là minh chứng cho chất lượng mà Klipsch yêu cầu từ mỗi sản phẩm âm thanh của nó để mang lại những trải nghiệm độc đáo từ nó

A three-way design using horn-loaded Titanium diaphragm midrange and high frequency compression drivers.

Special edition badge and wood finish

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Direct-radiating 12-inch woofer for powerful low frequencies.

99 dB sensitivity delivers Smooth, dynamic and low distortion sound

Available in a high-quality Ebony and Blonde wood veneer finish

Designed & Assembled in the USA


Klipsch and Capitol Records, two iconic voices both celebrating over seven decades of bringing sound to life, partner to honor and pay tribute to the integral role music plays in shaping our lives. Music is timeless, healing and unites people across cultures. It inspires, drives and comforts us all. In celebration of their commitment to the enduring power of music, Klipsch and Capitol Records are releasing special edition co-branded Heritage speakers.


The Klipsch Capitol Heresy III speaker is a testament to the quality that Klipsch demands from each and every one of its audio products. Remember great sound? We do, too. The Klipsch Capitol Heresy III enclosure is still made in the USA, by proud craftsmen in Hope, Arkansas. Just like Paul W. Klipsch (PWK) intended.


This Heresy III special edition model is being offered in an ebony finish and salt & pepper grille cloth. A co-branded Klipsch and Capitol Records logo will be attached to each grille, and the back of each speaker will feature a special edition plaque that will be hand-signed by the craftsmen


The Heresy was originally introduced in 1957 as a compact three-way design utilizing a 12” woofer and horn-loaded midrange and tweeter. In 2006, the Heresy III was upgraded with a more powerful woofer, bi-wire network, as well as midrange and tweeter compression drivers, featuring a titanium diaphragm for smooth and accurate definition.


Klipsch only uses book-matched wood veneers for the Heritage series. The veneer leaves are kept in order as they are delicately sliced from the timber and precisely arranged to provide a mirror image at the splice joint – like turning the pages of a book. This gives each speaker an aesthetically appealing and consistent appearance that is treasured more than any other cut of wood veneer.


Each pair of Heritage Series loudspeakers are grain-matched using wood veneer panels that come from the same timber. Each cabinet is carefully matched so that each speaker in the pair is practically indistinguishable from the other. The speakers move seamlessly together through the factory. Each finished product is inspected and labeled with sequential serial numbers, ensuring that the Heritage series speakers leave the factory as a meticulously crafted set.

FREQUENCY RESPONSE (+/- 4 dB) 58Hz – 20kHz

SENSITIVITY1 99dB @ 2.83V / 1m


MAXIMUM SPL 116dB Continuous

NOMINAL IMPEDANCE 8 ohms Compatible


HIGH FREQUENCY DRIVER K-107-TI 1” (2.54cm) Titanium diaphragm compression driver

MIDRANGE K-53-TI 1.75” (4.45cm) Titanium diaphragm compression driver

LOW FREQUENCY DRIVER K-28-E 12” (30.48cm) Fiber-composite cone woofer

ENCLOSURE MATERIAL MDF INPUTS Dual binding posts / bi-wire / bi-amp

HEIGHT 23.81” (60.5cm)

WIDTH 15.5” (39.37cm)

DEPTH 13.25” (33.66cm)

WEIGHT 44lbs (20kg)



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